Just an update to let you know that the last 6 days since posting have been somewhat of a waste of time.

I decided to address two ‘on the backburner’ projects instead of barreling ahead with the shoemaking as I was getting worried that the shoe vs. experimental endeavors ratio might be getting too shoe heavy, and end up leaving me forced to make designs with less options than I’d like.

Long story short, I need to finish my RepRap printer, and I want to learn to weave fabric by hand…by the end of this month.
I am having minimal success in both areas.
I am not happy about this.

The printer now has 2 flashing lights that supposedly tell me it is ‘online’. That’s all it does so far.
Not exactly Terminator stuff, but, it is 2 more lights than it had flashing last week.

I then changed to weaving,  set up a ‘basic frame loom’ and covered it with kilometers of thread, which then got tangled, and messy and made me tired and start sighing a lot.

So this week’s score is:
Steve – 0
Difficult Projects – 2

not my photo, but my weaving attempts currently look just as inspiring… Ooh, string, in lines.

I will persist though, don’t you worry. As I heard Anthony Robbins* say once – there are no such things as problems, only challenges to be overcome.
If anyone out there in Melbourne has a small loom (or can recommend where i’d buy one cheap) let me know.

Listening to : Soulja Boy, still. It’s like an addiction to some nasty cheap drug.

* I don’t listen to his tapes, but I did download them for sampling back when I was a wannabe mashup mixer, and now they come up on random on the iPod.  funny stuff.