But not much in the way of details peeps, I’ve been told (and I agree) that I tend to get so excited at the start of a new project that I talk about it to everyone and then when the time comes to do hard work it’s not a novelty or a mystery or a secret anymore … and that removes a whole lot of motivation as there is no big reveal at the end.

So, with that in mind, here’s what I can tell you.

I’ve registered a new business name – Airline Atelier – which will be a sport / androgynous / leisure / tomboy / female fashion label launching (ideally) later this year.


Featuring a range of Australian made shoes, and menswear styled items (think shorts, shirts, jackets, caps) cut for women. Mostly / only offered in all black or white, and not released in seasonal drops. It will be an ever-evolving set of products, possibly including homewares and accessories later on to round out the complete Airline brand.

…for anyone asking “what the fuck? I thought he was hand making high heels? Or starting a retail shop? Huh?” here’s how it all fits in to the big chess game that is life.
These might help someone out there skip some steps I took along the way if this sounds like what you want to end up with.

  1. Making high heeled luxury shoes by hand makes them VERY expensive, and it seems I don’t have the patience to have a brand that only makes one pair of something per week. I have a backlog of 100’s of designs, so it seems better that I consider myself a designer and not a maker. I had to remind myself that I set out to learn shoemaking to INFORM my designs, not because I wanted to make shoes by hand, so it’s been liberating letting that side of it go. I can still make a prototype if needed, but my time is better spent designing.
  2. Making super high quality high heeled shoes in Australia is also extremely hard with our industry at near-dead status… so I will need to get my designs made overseas eventually, but that’s not what I want to do right now, nor can I afford it.
  3. Getting shoes / sandals / loafers etc made in Australia is entirely possible at the moment, as is getting tshirts and pants etc cut and sewn locally, so I figure whilst I’m based here and not able to travel nor invest $1000s in overseas production, I should support the local industry and start an Australian Made label.
  4. Almost all of my close friends now are females, and almost all of them are tomboys who dress awesomely in boy’s tees and sneakers, so I figure designing for them and making locally is win/win!
  5. My UX design day-job has also equipped me with the skills to properly observe, document and react to “what people want”… so it seems like a good time to launch a label that fills all the gaps in my friends’ wardrobes.
  6. Lastly, this label will not only give me the experience needed to work out how exactly to run a label without the massive overheads of Italian shoe production costs… it will also give us a chance to retail our own goods online and eventually in a store, to bring the whole Dead & Buried shop idea to life. FINALLY.

… ideally we’ll set the brand up, grow it and then take the label + a bunch of other Australian fashion labels and jewellery etc to NYC for the big dream… where we open Dead & Buried II in Soho or Brooklyn somewhere. 6 or so years after starting the journey. Sheesh.

So, that’s the scoop. I’ll have websites and social media accounts active soon and clothes on racks before Christmas!