After a solid year or two of blogging about arts, crafts, music and most importantly the
journey from “wouldn’t it be nice to open a shop one day” to “we are about to open a shop for real” the
Dead & Buried blog is now the home to a huge library of all the things we’ve learned, liked and made along the way.

Stage 2 of this journey has been the setup and launch of our physical and online shop in early 2012
The retail space will be attached to our workshop space in the Nicholas Building, on Level 3.

Stage 3 is the long hard slog to success… our shop is open, we have Facebook followers and real world fans, we’ve
had interns and assistants come and go, launched diffusion lines, hosted in-store event and we’re waiting for
the money to start appearing. Not seeing much as yet, but there are signs.

Stage 4 is a bit idealistic, but it involves Dani and Steve heading to NYC to try to get a foot in the door there
and / or set up to live and work from the greatest city in the world.
Check back with us in 2013 to see how the dream is progressing……..




Dani is the genius behind Dani M Designs, she has been making Jewellery and Homewares and other crazy things from Porcelain and Silver and Felt for years now.
You can check out all her stuff at, or meet her in person at Craft Victoria / Pieces of Eight sometime.
She has a cat named Special Agent Dale Cooper, and she likes to rock out to Talking Heads and Tom Petty.


Steve is her husband, a life-long ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ with a terribly short attention span.
After working in Multimedia, Industrial Design, Furniture Manufacture, Screen Printing, Web Design, 3d Visualisation and a dozen
other jobs here and there, he has decided to follow his heart and learn Shoe Making.
He is also obsessed with vintage guitar amplifiers, Black Sabbath and obnoxiously loud drums.
He has many websites that are all outdated and a waste of time, but will be
live soon with his full collection of handmade women’s shoes.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy reading what we ramble on about.
Once we open the shop we’ll have you allllll in for one of Tom’s homemade beers and some air guitar.

Team Dead and Buried.