Just a quick note to let you other blog fans know that we have restocked our supply of Turd Circus homewares, so if you happen to have had your eye on something, best get in now before it all sells out again!

pop up shop info here >>> www.quickanddead.com

This is the work of our close pal Nick, and Dani has helped out with converting his ideas by firing the ceramics for him and arranging hookups for the tea towels (which we sell without fail every day)…

This sort of thing is the beginning of what will be the broader reach of Dead & Buried in 2012, we will have our own work, our boutique and our studio space… but we also intend to use our skills and connections to foster a bunch of new talent in the design / craft scene, so we can all work when we want, where we want and everyone is happy!

Thanks for your support, comments and email this year, it’s been invaluable in encouraging us to keep working at this whole crazy plan.

Steve + Dani

Listening to : The Smiths, providing an anti-Christmas Carol shopping experience.