Hello out there, and thanks for stopping by. Just a quick blog post (the first in 3 years?) to note that Dead & Buried v1.0 is now over. We shut the doors on our little corner of Melbourne this month after a few years of being in Sydney and recently returning to Melbourne with a new direction and new perspective.

It was a hell of a fun ride whilst it lasted, and there is every chance that v2.0 will spring up again in the future somewhere, but for now we’re closing the book on our time in Melbourne.

Dani is continuing to put out work under both of her labels goodlyGOLD and Dani M Designs, so you can still get your hands on her work there.


Steve is as scattered as always, is toying with the idea of making art and sculpture his new thing, and currently has a dozen unfinished projects on the go.

The rest of our studio crew have mostly gone on to be¬†successful jewellers / designers, and some¬†have set up studio spaces of their own in the Nicholas Building, so if you’re still interested in shopping local and meeting makers, track down Amber Arizono, Megan Webb, Emily Green or Elise Sheehan and arrange to drop in and see them and their respective studio buddies.

…until next time.

Steve + Dani