August gone too?

Shit god-damn, another month gone, no blogging, not much sleep, not much money, but we’re still at it!

Our shop has been officially soft-launched, we sold some goodies, people came and shared in the fun times, and all in all it was a success. Dani and I are broke, tired and drained at the moment, so with a few weeks of low key activities and some rest we’ll gear up for a proper shop launch party and some serious media hyping.

I am also FINALLY ABOUT TO START MAKING SOME SHOES. It must be 4 or 5 months since I last made anything worth talking about, so it’s wayyy past due. I have all of next week in here and I will make some things and photograph them for you all, a craft blog is no fun without craft.

So, i’ll leave you today with a sneak preview of Audrey’s first collection of handmade shoes she has produced for her RMIT course under my “um, yeah you can probably do it that way, i’m not sure, lets try” style of guidance. I wont say teaching as it’s mostly guess work. Her shoes are cool, they have fluoro leather AND glow in the dark cast resin components! Madness!!

Listening to : The Doors at the moment, iPod shuffler is dj’ing tonight.

Open Studios 2012

Hi all, a bit late notice I know, but our shop will be open to the public this Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 9pm as part of the Nicholas Building Open Studios event!

If I get a chance I’ll log back in here tomorrow and add some more info, or you could just come by and say hi and ask us in person.

> Level 3, Room 10 <