July, been and gone

Howdy all, lots more has been happening in our world, but the most major thing (and the cause for no blog content) is that Dani and I have decided to move house, again. We only rent, so we like to exercise the (only?) luxury that renters have of being able to say “you know what, lets move over there now”.

So with relatively short notice we leased a house in North Melbourne and if any of you have known us for long enough you’ll know that the ol’ 3051 is where I always want to be living, if not in NYC, so we’re pretty excited to be heading back there this week! We have had to DRASTICALLY downsize our life though, moving from 3 bedrooms, living room and and shed to 1 bedroom, 1 living room, no shed has meant we’ve had to recycle, donate, or junk about half of what we were hording at this place. So much useless stuff! If you ever get the chance to do so, go for it, otherwise you’ll end up with piles of junk when you’re old.

We move tomorrow, and will have no home internet for a bit, so the blogging will be quiet again – BUT, after that, I’ll be able to WALK IN AND OUT OF THE CITY, so expect lots more shoe stuff, lots more shop stuff and a lot of general excitement.

I wish I could put all of the following things in to blog posts of their own, but alas, there is no time, so here’s the usual summary of things / new things / good things.

– We are about to soft-launch open our shop this week! We’re part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival which involves us opening our doors to interested visitors, so we have had to hurry along the shop reno’s.

– The Nicholas Building open studios nights are coming up too, August 17/18 – we’ll be open and having a bit of a gathering, come on up!

– I have been asked to curate a photographic exhibition of shoes at the upcoming Melbourne Shoe Fair, and in true ‘me’ style, I have amped it up and am now commissioning and styling photographs that celebrate the making and design of shoes, more on that in a few weeks.

– I’m also giving a talk at RMIT in September, so i’ll post details of that soon.

– Dani has launched her new label, goodlyGOLD and it’s going great, lots of orders from Design Made Trade, look her up on the web or Facebook to find out more.

– We have finally completed our hunt for a studio member and are happy to welcome Elise to the gang. She hasn’t graduated yet, but is a bit of a jewellery genius, so we’re excited to have her on board!

… probably more to tell you but i’m running late again! always late! ahhhh.

Back soon. Steve


REPOST #2 : Janina Alleyne

These aren’t my work, but got damn they’re nice…

With my 3D printer currently on a holiday at my cousin’s house (who I should mention STUDIED ROBOTICS at university, why I didnt consult him earlier I’ll never know) hopefully to return in actual working order once he irons out a few issues – I’m looking forward to later this year when instead of reading about cutting edge stuff like this whilst at my office job, I can actually be making it.

I do realise that the ‘entirely printed shoe’ thing is a bit unrealistic and fanciful, the idea of printing and replicating most of the parts of a shoe will mean cost effective outrageous stuff like this will be possible within a few years. Exciting!

Check out this link for more info here :


and here :


REPOST : William Banfield’s Micro Make

Hey gang, lots going on in our lives as usual – we’re trying to arrange moving house sometime soon so we can be closer to the CBD and spend less time on the train, but it’s not easy! The combination of needing to find time to actually LOOK at houses, and minimising all the junk we have accumulated at home = busy, busy, busy.

I thought instead of more rattling on about what we’ve been up to I’d share this little bit of awesome that I just saw on the internet today


Dani and I have plans on paper to make a powder coating booth in the near future, and seeing simple things like this really inspires me. I have lots of ideas and theories about how design and manufacturing can survive in this modern world – and this concept of simple machines that perform tasks that were traditionally ‘industrial’ is right on the money, people need to be able to “make” what they dream up and not have the lack of factories and skill mean that great ideas just dissolve away.

Anyhoo, that’s enough semantics… enjoy the pictures! (i’ll post back about this if/when I ever build something similar myself)

ALL IMAGES FROM http://www.notcot.com