Mr West! (mr west, mr west, mr west…)

Hey there,

For those of you not on Twitter (which we werent until 9pm last night) and those of you not on Facebook (congratulations for not wasting a million hours a week) we have MORE big news about Dani.

Seems yesterday afternoon none other than Mr Kanye West popped in to Alice Euphemia… had a browse… bought 3 items…. 2 of which were Dani’s necklaces!!

So, she is understandably pretty excited about it, not that she/we were crazy Yeezy fans, but it is nice to know that someone who hangs out at Paris Fashion Week liked her stuff enough to purchase it (with a fancy looking credit card from what we’ve heard)

High fives AGAIN to Dani M! wooo…

Things for sale

Hey people, just a quick post to see if any Aussie shoe makers, or soon-to-be a shoemaker optimistic people are looking for a sewing machine?

Dennis, whom I purchased most of my machinery from has some other items to sell before he leaves Australia for good.

He has a Pfaff post machine (493? Same as mine), a flatbed heavy duty machine, or maybe 2 flatbeds, and a massive collection of shoe trade catalogues and magazines that he has gathered over the years as design references.

If you are interested, let me know and I can ask how much $ he wants for them… Best you get in before he leaves next week!

Press Time

So it seems the combination of hard work and generally being nice to people has resulted in a little burst of PR and interviews for Dani. She is notoriously shy when it comes to promoting herself and her work, so I’ll do the honours this time.

After a successful stall at the Sydney Finders Keepers market, she was asked to do an interview and today this lovely article has shown up on their blog :

Earlier in the week she was also featured on two French design blogs :

So, although we’ve had a slow start to the year in terms of production, things are ‘on the up’ in the publicity department it seems.

Lots more of this sort of stuff to come in 2012…….

Back at the bench

Hey all, just a quick image post to show what I managed on my first day back in the studio in ‘shoemaker’ mode.

Unfortunately this was only done in the last 2 hours of the day after spending the rest of it messing around with odd jobs that went nowhere… I also hit a hurdle when I found that a whole lot of yellow leather I was looking forward to using is just wayyyy too soft and tends to stretch and tear when I work with it. The annoyance took me a good hour to get over, but time is scarce, so it was on to other things.

After a suggestion from a seasoned high heel wearer that some of my designs were a bit high in the ‘throat’ – thus making the wearer’s legs look a little short if they’re not super tall – I had a go at modifying a previous design to see how well a variation on a theme would work. I also added a bit of gold piping (my first attempt at such an idea) and DAMN, it really adds a sexy evening-wear look to it. This will be investigated further asap.

So, a new shape, low in the front so when combined with a 1″ platform and a big arching heel it will make anyone look tall, long and lean. Nice. (The heel wont be white, that was just a raw one I had around)

Ooh, I also received my first email about an internship today! From the USA too, so hi Madeline if you’re reading this.. I’ve replied, we’ll see where it goes from here.

Listening to : Learn to speak French with Alexa, the Podcast….I’m learning to speak French, seems like a fun way to spend my train trips!

Still here

I just noticed that it’s been 10 days almost since the last post, so I thought I’d just reassure everyone that we’re still here, still working, still internetttttting.

It’s been hot in Melbourne lately and our house doesn’t have air con, so Dani and I have been taking a little longer than planned to get back in to full enthusiasm mode for 2012. We have had some nice social occasions lately thought, so at least that’s a plus. We also have had some new studio pop-ins lately (Hi Laura) which has made us both happier about having our own little empire in the city again, it’s great when you get to meet people from all over the world just by chance.

I am plotting and planning how to get all the things done that I need to do by a self-imposed March deadline, so expect some serious craft work to go on in the next 2 months. Resin casting, leather work, making boxes, making shoes, making videos……. everything, all at once (that’s my motto).


Listening to : Big Sean – Finally Famous

ps. We have TUMBLR account now where we’re sneaking up our inspiration images from the last few years¬† >

Back in the saddle for TwentyTwelve

Howdy blog readers, welcome back to Dead & Buried’s blog for another year of craft, design, construction and youtube links!

After a well earned rest Dani and I are back in action, working away on new projects, coughing up cash to our suppliers who sold things at the pop up shop, cashing cheques from our stockists (well, Dani is, not me) and shuffling desks around to accomodate our new studio crew. More on them soon, I’ll take some photos and introduce them to you when I get a chance.

This year will be the year where we go from “lets start a shop” to “oh my god, we’ve opened a shop” and hope you all stick around to see how we go, what we make and which hot celebrities are the first to get decked out in our wares.

There is a mega list to get through before I properly launch my shoe label, Dani has a stack of new ideas to work on ranging from uber-high-end Egyptian inspired jewellery to a new range of hand spun porcelain wares straight off of her pottery wheel, and together we’re going to produce some in-house label stuff for Dead & Buried, silk scarves, tote bags, that sort of thing. We are also hoping to get our first interns / helpers / students in this year so that we can have a few more sets of hands helping out and so that we can pass on all this knowledge we have, and all those expensive books we’ve bought over the years. We’ll put up some sort of official application thing when the time is right, so keep an eye out for that.

I have a whole backlog of craft / shoe stuff to post, but for now here’s a few images of the wedding shoes I made!!

that’s them, hand-dyed italian silk, mini pleats to match her bodice and ankle straps.
A bit vintage and a bit modern at the same time.

A quick flashback to the dye batches in progress (I dyed it all myself to get it jusssssst right)….

and then on the day it’s time to buckle up…
The happiest couple around

the photographers know where the real quality stuff is…

and two more shots that make the wedding look like if was in some sort of French film…

Click HERE for a big long collage of all the shots of the wedding if you like that sort of thing – it was pretty amazing in every aspect, thanks to Michelle and Wilde for having us there!
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