Happy Birthday to us!

Hey kids,

I’ve just noticed that it’s the 1 YEAR birthday for this here blog this week!
We missed the actual day by a few, but you know, it’s the thought that counts…So shut the hell up and eat some cake.

In honour of this momentous occasion I commissioned a KICK ASS transformers cake that had BOTH bumblebee AND optimus prime together in one powerful pose that should easily strike fear in to the hearts of any bad dudes who were lurking nearby trying to get some of the fairy bread and cordial we had on offer.

Unfortunately the KICK ASS pose did not eventuate due to time restrictions, so the ESSENCE of the heroic stance was boiled down to its… um… essence and this is what you get. *

See that, transformers so powerfully disguised as a bad cake that you didn’t even notice the glittery logo on top? Whapppow!… glitter all in your face.

So, thanks for reading, stay tuned for a much more eventful year ahead as I get my robot online, make shitloads of genius shoes and Dani takes her jewellery to so many new levels we’ll need a ladder around here.

Listening to :  Me singing happy birthday to myself in the computer room.

* note that that was all rubbish, this is just a photo I found on the internet.

Cutting (well, printing) Edge Technology

Just so everyone else knows about it (and so I dont get 45 emails asking me ‘have you seen this?’) check out the link below if you’re here and are interested in both shoemaking AND 3D nerdery.


“…Marloes ten Bhömer, an experimental shoemaker who is using three-dimensional printing to reinvent the shoe—and the time it takes to make one. With the help of a mechanical engineer, the Dutch designer (and shoe-industry veteran) built her “Rapidprototypedshoe” by using a hot laser to sinter layers of polymer into the shape of a foot.”

images from www.ecouterre.com

This isn’t really where I’m intending to go with my printer, but somewhere between embracing new technology and respecting the traditional methods of the masters is where I hope to land.

I’ll have a new robot building update tomorrow night – hopefully after a long (indoors escaping the 30+ degree heat) day of construction.

RepRap Build Day 1

Hey kids, I have finally digested as much RepRapWiki information as possible and begun to assemble the first part of my Mendel!

I started with the extruder (a printed version of  “Wade’s Geared Extruder” was provided with my kit) and it only took about 5 minutes to get me puzzled… Seems the ‘instructions’ for building one of these = one page of photos of a completed one on the RepRap website.

It’s actually not that complicated to make, but a step-by-step guide would have been quite handy and I’m still not 100% sure I’ve built it correctly – so if/when it works I will backtrack and do a comprehensive How To guide for building one of these in case my fellow shoemakers ever want to give it a go.

Here are a few more ‘in the making’ shots that I might compile into a slideshow / timelapse thing at the end.

PS. Dani and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood in Yarraville tonight and came across a building site (which is being strongly opposed by the locals) that listed its permit application as “removal of the roof and renovation of the existing SHOE FACTORY…”

… so naturally, we waited until it was darker, and went inside. Nothing like a smashed down fence to cancel out locked gates.
[insert evil laugh and/or Judas Priest “breakin’ the law” lyrics here]

Unfortunately we didn’t find much (anticlimax!) as it all seems to have been dere-leekt for quite a while, but I did find some old paperwork and some heel blocks, so I will do some nerdery in the coming week and see if I can find out what/who it was that worked there. I’ll keep you posted.

Listening to : Judas Priest – Breaking the Law

a little help…

coop’s never too far away when i need an extra hand….


…and photographer’s assistant.

Special Delivery! (or, How to make a robot in 2,347 easy steps)

Hey kids, my Rapid-Prototyping-robot-printer-of-plastic-parts arrived today!!!!

So far I have :

1. Received the package.

2. Rearranged our spare room to fit in a new desk.

3. Opened and (in true OCD style) photographed the contents of the package.

4. Stared at the overwhelming amount of wood, electronics and indescribable parts that were in the package.

5. Had a break.

6. Looked online, then back at the parts, then looked online, then back at the parts.

7. Got a headache. Had a drink of water.

8. Uploaded Photos to my computer.

9. Started a blog post about it…

… which leads me to here. I am currently making confused/ squinty eyed faces at the desk full of parts, as if that will somehow make it allllll make sense.  No luck so far.

So, bear with me over the next few weeks as I attempt to apply my limited knowledge of engineering, electronics, hardware and software assembly to a thing that I have never seen complete with my own eyes. It should be fun!

Below are some pics of what I unwrapped today, so you too can get an idea of how daunting this is.

Listening to : nothing today, sometimes silence is golden.