Hey Kids, back with another quick update from the shoemaking bench.
I managed to get some more done on the ‘breezy’ oxfords last week – and as a side note I saw some pictures up on James’ wall of vintage shoe catalogues with these sort of things referred to as ‘Ventilated’. A classier and more accurate title, but too reminiscent of Reebok’s “Ventilator” name for me to use it regularly.  (Sneaker people like me have wierd OCD tendencies that include knowing the names of sneakers that came out 25 years ago and listing them to yourself as you see them being worn around town.)

Anyway, on with the pics:

Picture 174
all lasted up and ready for a sole and heel. The kid leather I used on the front is a little too thin it seems, as you can see the overlap of the perforated layer, but I weighed that up against bulking the toe area up with more leather and decided to keep it thin for these ones.

Picture 173 Picture 172 Picture 166
a nice detail shot, matching left and rights!, and a moody night shot.

Tomorrow will be sole fitting day, construction of stacked heels for these, and some lasting on another pair of T-Bar flats that are on the go.
I also hope to have my first coffee from Captains of Industry, so if you’re there, and I’m there, we’ll see each other.

Listening to : The Jesus Lizard – Puss
I cant believe I didn’t listen to these guys when I was a teenager . Sigh. I could have turned out much angrier. Big thanks to Tom for waking me up to them 10 years later.